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Apulia in all its splendor  (PS01)



Alberobello Trulli and Martina Franca




Duration: 12 hours


  • The trulli region
  • This is a local day tour with food and wine. Visit the Valle d 'Itria and the typical Trulli buildings. We shall try out the famous dishes of the area as the "Orecchiette e cime e rape" and drink the Locorotondo and NegroAmarop wines.The birth of the first trulli buidling dates back to prehistoric times.However the oldest trulli that we find today in Alberobello date back to the fourteenth century:it was assigned to the first Count of Conversano by Robert d'Anjou, Prince of Taranto and then king of Naples from 1309 to 1343. The plot of land was the prize of the noble action for services rendered during the Crusades. The area was then populated again, moving entire settlements from neighboring estates such as nuts. Dry construction, without mortar, the trulli, was imposed on new settlers so that their homes could be dismantled quickly: an effective way to avoid taxe evation. Most historians, however, agree that this building technique was due, first, to the geographical conditions of the place, which was abundant in the limestone used in construction. Alberobello acquired the character of an independent settlement from nearby Nuts, garnering about 3,500 people in the late eighteenth century. In 1797 the village got from the King of Naples, Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, the title of royal city. The current name comes from the medieval Latin of the region, "silva arboris beautiful". MARTINA FRANCA THE "FRANCA"(FREE) MARTINA Christians escaping from Taranto because of the Saracens'invasions, founded a little village on San Martino mountain. Filippo d'Angi? ,Prince of Taranto, granted then some exemptions to the inhabitants. This is why the town is called "Franca" (free). The name "Martina" instead comes from San Martino, the patron saint of French Chivalry. Here we shall try the inhebrating VinCotto, walk the tiny whinding stree on the marvel of the Barcco of the south. Admire the sunset in these angle of paradise of Italy
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